Teas the Season




Product Description

Make this holiday even sweeter with this wonderful gift of healthful teas and tasty cookies! All wrapped up in a chic and sturdy wooden box, this set includes a selection of teas straight from tea farms, a pair of porcelain teacups and from-scratch Christmas cookie by the talents at Metta Cafe. Pamper the tea lovers around you with this thoughtful surprise and we guarantee you’d be way up on good ol’ Santa’s Nice list!

What’s included in the bundle:
– 20g of Spring Harvest 2020 Tie Guan Yin (Gao Family Farm)
– 20g of Organic Sencha (Teahouse Tokunaga)
– 20g of Organic Hojicha (Teahouse Tokunaga)
– 2 teapasar Yixing clay-glazed porcelain teacups
– 1 cookie by Metta Cafe (choose from 3 designs available)

Includes courier. Pre-orders only. All Christmas bundles will be delivered from W/C 21 Dec 2020.

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