Whaat Enamel Pin - Remix 55 Collection

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Product Description

This eye-catching Merlion enamel pin design is adapted from Tan Bing Yao’s art piece My Little Blue Merlion. Bing Yao who has cerebral palsy skilfully uses bold strokes, dots and colours to portray a vigour Merlion riding tumultuous waves. This art piece signifies his belief that Singapore is able to overcome all obstacles that come her way.

The Remix 55 Collection enamel pins make great gifts and accessories to jazz up any sartorial look. Pin them on your mask, cap or pocket, wear them to start a conversation.

Size: 1.8cm (W) x 2.7cm (H)

For order of 100pcs of more enamel pins, please contact

* Estimated delivery for enamel pins: 18th Dec 2020

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