Microgreens Grow Bag Set of 3

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Product Description

New to growing microgreens? Or want to get someone started growing their own microgreens? We’ve created the perfect grow bag to get you going! Our Microgreens Grow Bag comes in 3 different seed varieties (Brassica Mix, Asian Salad Mix, Spicy Mix) is compact, and contains everything you need to get you started. Just unseal, spray water, sow the seeds, and watch your microgreens grow. It’s really that simple!

Each Microgreens Grow Bag contains our specially formulated potting mix and a pack of seeds.  Comes in a set of 3 Grow Bags

  • Oriental Mix: Contains a selection of nutrient-rich microgreens from the brassica family of vegetables
  • Asian Salad Mix: This variety contains a largely mild mix of flavours with a hint of spice
  • Spicy Mix: A great addition to sandwiches, wraps, and salads! Our Spicy Mix is a blend of some of our most flavour-packed varieties which is guaranteed to spice up your dish!
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