Edenic Tea Notes - Square Lacquer Trays

TMP by JTMuses


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Product Description

23×23 cm lacquer tray by JTMUSES

 I chose this garlanded facade next to the Chinatown Heritage Centre to backdrop some of the chinoise things I grew up with. Some of the tea notes I cherish are the biscuits of old, the Retro thermos flasks that keep hot Kopi or Teh, the traditional wedding baskets that hold treasures for the bride, Ang Ku kueh for new babies and the family Bak chang! There’s lots more in the gardens – of fragrant frangipanis and water lilies in old dragon pots and of edenic memories of happiness.

Your lacquer product has thirteen layers, please handle it with care, do not soak, but wipe with a damp cloth after use


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