Aquajar Workshop

Ikan Billy


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Product Description

Create your very own underwater garden in a jar! Ikan Billy will teach you the basics of forming and maintaining a beautiful miniature aquascape that will have a special place in your room or on your desk. Aquajars or jarrariums are small aquatic vessels of an underwater ecosystem of plants and aquatic creatures. With just the power of light and your loving care, you can have a thriving aquatic garden that’s a constant feast for your eyes.

Location: Chinatown (address will be provided upon confirmation)

Date & Time: 17th December, 7pm – 9.30pm

Limited to 6 participants. Minimum 5 to start. If this minimum is not achieved, you will receive a coupon that you can use to redeem an in-person workshop at a later date.

5% of workshop proceeds will be donated to the Mediacorp Enable Fund, in support of persons with disabilities.

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