TEA IS FOR TRAVEL: Mixology Salon

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WHERE: Mixology Salon, Tokyo

In a city where the traditional converges with the avant-garde, Mixology Salon sits at the center and offers newfangled cocktail creations infused with a curated collection of premium teas leaves.

Their star mixologist Shuzo Nagumo introduced “teatail”, which became the ne plus ultra of their menu. Using Gyokuro – regarded as the highest quality of green tea in Japan – a cocktail course is charged with three different levels of infusion so you can savor the nuance between each tea strength. As a coda, you will be served with a smoked oyster soy sauce finished with the residual Gyokuro tea leaves.


If you hit the bar during the right time of the year, you might get to try their other seasonal brews such as Pear and Taiwan Oolong Cocktail. To create these innovative mixes, Mixology Salon uses a sleight of hand that is a centrifuge machine and a sous-vide technique to distill their liquor under reduced pressure.


Take your tea experience to a different level when you happen to be in the city. You can find the understated eight-seater bar atop the imposing Ginza Six shopping mall.


Address: 6 Chome-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

Operation hours: Mon – Sun, all-day

Contact: +81 3 62906622

Website: https://ginza6.tokyo.e.abf.hp.transer.com/shops/1239

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