TEA IS FOR TRAVEL: 29b Teahouse


WHERE: 29b Teahouse, New York

This premium establishment was conceived by Tea Dealers, one of the few purveyors of pure non-blended roast teas in America. For those who are looking for a respite from the bustling city, 29b Teahouse’s ceramic-lined space can be a modern sanctuary of calm and comfort – complete with a tasting room where you can pair their curated line-up of premium teas with food items from their menu. 


We recommend their Ochazuke for a light, spirit-lifting meal. A humble tea-dish featuring soy-and-wasabi-cured fish, vegetables, and ume on top of short-grain white rice, and complemented with a pour of smoky Hojicha. 


DRINK: Charcoal roasted Taiwanese Oolongs, Matcha-beer

Their roster of teas are continually evolving, based on owner Stefen Ramirez’s recent travels to the different tea producing countries in Asia. So expect your senses to be taken to new places every time you visit, from smooth charcoal roasted Taiwanese oolongs to the rare Korean black tea balhyo.


For those who are feeling adventurous with their brew, try one of their newfangled tea-booze that has been making rounds on Instagram – an unexpected alliance between earthy matcha and the sweetness of rice-based Koshihikari beer; or the Korean-tea-infused sojus.

Address: 29 Ave B NY, NY 10009

Phone: 646.864.0093

Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat 1PM – 11PM and Sun 2PM – 8PM

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